Throwback Thursday (or not)

Sunset near Fort Ross, December 2004

I’m not sure I need another gimmicky sounding series, so maybe I shouldn’t refer to this as “Throwback Thursday.” Still, in looking through my many years’ worth of pictures stored on Google, I realized there are a lot of fairly decent images I’ve not shared here before, or else I blogged them so long ago they’re not in my WordPress library. So I figured maybe this could be a good place to give those photos another airing.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I am.

A few of the places in these photos may look familiar, as they are spots I’ve returned to repeatedly over the years. Caples Lake is a perfect example. My first blog post featuring images from my hikes along the shore of this high mountain lake was in June 2017; but I believe the first time the Big Guy took me there was in May 2004. I was using my beloved 5.0 megapixel Nikon Coolpix E5700, my first non- point-and-shoot camera, and while I still had much to learn about taking quality pictures (and still do!) I think these shots give a pretty good idea of the lake’s beautiful surroundings.

I’ve tried several times over the years to shoot this waterfall along the trail, and I’m never fully satisfied with my results. In the spring of 2004, sunlight reflected off the snow complicated things for me.



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