Once more, from the top

I shared some photos a couple of days ago showing the view from up on the ridge above Folsom Lake as seen on the last day of March — but I forgot to include the three pictures I shot with my phone. I also managed to forget about my earlier visit to the same spot on March 14. So here are those phone images, along with a few others from both trips to Beeks Bight in March 2022.

Purple lupine

Sticky monkeyflower

This trail was a new discovery for me

I went searching for the same rock where I stumbled upon the makeshift memorial to Major Robert Grant back in November 2020. There was no memorial to guide me this time, but I’m fairly sure I found the spot.

Yet another trail to explore, visible in the lower right corner

Hilltop mansion overlooking Folsom Lake

California yerba santa

Hedge mustard

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