Throwback Thursday: Brown’s Ravine 2019

I realize 2019 isn’t that long ago, but I’m sometimes surprised as I go back through my image files at the photos I’ve never used. Of course there are plenty of images that aren’t good enough to use (I have loads of those, and I’m sure I’m not the only one). But my pictures this week are ones that seem to have been overlooked, probably thanks to my lack of organization. As you can see here, 2019 was a wet winter and spring — a welcome break from the drought. The water at Folsom Lake was high, and during the first week of April the rain clouds were still rolling on through. Still, I was able to find enough clear weather opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Tiptoe through the… poison oak

Textured rock

Above, a panoramic view looking toward the boat docks at Brown’s Ravine, with wildflowers on the hillside at left and the creek that flows into the lake shaded by tall trees on the right.

High water in the creek

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