The Adventure Continues… Getty Garden

I’ve never visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and I may never get the chance to wander through the museum or the gardens. But the good news is that Huell spent a good bit of time exploring this cultural jewel, and for the next two Wednesdays I’m featuring the episodes he filmed there, showcasing the Central Garden and the Getty Villa Museum. Whether you find them consolation for not being able to visit in person or a motivation to get up and go, I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I have.

The Central Garden, created by renowned artist Robert Irwin, lies at the heart of the Getty Center. The 134,000-square-foot design features a natural ravine and tree-lined walkway that leads the visitor through an extraordinary experience of sights, sounds, and scents. Huell gets a special tour from Jim Duggan, the Curatorial Advisor for the Central Garden and some of the gardeners who keep this living sculpture alive and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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  1. The Getty was my first major museum visit in 1995. I was working on the Northridge Earthquake and on my one day off, I visited this beautiful place. It was a treat.

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