Throwback Thursday: Farewell to June

What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days — J.R. Lowell

As we are on the brink of plunging head first into July, I decided to take a look back at some late June photos from previous years. Some of these images I haven’t even looked at in quite a long time, and they did seem to benefit from some light editing. This bunch all date from 2016, back when I was in the habit of getting up early every morning and hiking down to Lake Natoma and back. I only wish I could manage to get myself back into that habit again!

Lake Natoma, 7:20 AM

Looking south towards Willow Creek Recreation Area

Group run on Lake Natoma Crossing

Trail improvements were in the early stages in 2016

Neighborhood sunflowers

I met this small Mourning Dove while hiking Mississippi Bar one morning before 7 o’clock. It didn’t seem too bothered by my presence and kept foraging busily in the trail; whenever I took a step it moved along ahead of me but refused to take flight. At one point it was standing almost directly at my feet. I had never played a game of “chicken” with a dove before!

The Red-shouldered Hawk was another early morning sighting

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