The Adventure Continues… Newberry Springs

Huell’s visit to the desert town of Newberry Springs didn’t go according to plan, a situation I think many of us can identify with! This is one of those episodes that I could have sworn I had already featured long ago, mainly because it includes an impromptu visit to the former Sidewinder Café, now renamed the Bagdad Café in honor of the wonderfully quirky 1987 film of the same name whose stars include CCH Pounder and Jack Palance. On this particular Road Trip Huell may have struck out in his efforts to find a lot of the places on his list, but as usual, he seems to have had a lot of fun!

After seeing a web site devoted to all the great cultural and historic sites to see along the original Route 66 in the Newberry Springs area, Huell prints out the map and hops in his car – eager to start his next ROAD TRIP. He doesn’t find the Buffalo Ranch, Big Al’s Pistachio Plant, or the Ostrich Farm he was looking for, but Huell does meet a group of warm, interesting and generous Newberry Springs locals. And, after spending a day there, Huell discovers firsthand that the beauty and strength of a town, any town, is not in the number of its attractions or tourist stops, but in the friendliness and character of the people who call it home. As always, you’re invited to come along for the ride… its gonna be a great trip!

I just had to stop at the Bagdad Cafe as we passed through Newberry Springs last week!

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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