The Adventure Continues… Barstow

You can’t tell a whole lot about the city of Barstow, California, merely from driving through on the interstate. In fact, you might wonder why anyone would choose to live in such a hot, rather isolated place. But this desert town has a very colorful history — pioneer trails and the railroad, the instant riches of silver mining, and the nearly mythical stops along Route 66. Barstow was an early railroad hub and was named in 1866 by the Santa Fe Railroad for its president, William Barstow Strong.

“Barstow — Crossroads of Opportunity” seen from I-40, August 2022

Huell visited the area around 2001, and naturally there have been a few changes in the intervening years. The El Rancho Motel, once the oldest motel in the city, had been in decline for some time and was permanently closed as of the summer of 2022. Barstow’s Harvey House now houses the city chamber of commerce as well as museums and a visitors center. There is still plenty to see in this desert oasis, and it seems that tourists come from all around the world — although perhaps the height of summer isn’t the best time to visit!

Share Huell’s first Road Trip to the desert that borders the I-15 east of Barstow. Most people think of it as a desolate stretch of highway, the quickest way to get from L.A. to Las Vegas. But on this Road Trip, Huell discovers that if you just slow down and explore a little, its full of colorful and interesting people, places and things. Included in this trip are: Calico Ghost Town, Calico Early Man Archaeological Site, the Barstow train station and Harvey House, the 1st Del Taco, Peggy Sue’s ’50s Diner, and more.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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