Sign language

One night in Barstow, California

Halfway across Arizona, heading east on Interstate 40, I got the brilliant idea to photograph every old, forgotten, or neglected sign I could find along the highway. The newer highway runs more or less parallel to the original Route 66, and I felt sure I could spot some cool-looking signs. Unfortunately, by the time this idea occurred to me, most of the signs I was looking for were already behind me. Adding in the fact that it’s hard to take pictures while driving 75 miles an hour on the interstate, you’ll understand why I finally had to give up on this great idea. However, I did still manage to find a few signs that grabbed my interest for one reason or another. I’ll share more of them later on this week.

This was the sign that sparked my bright idea

Childress, Texas. Hot? Yes, it was!

And the clouds parted!

In Clarendon, Texas

New Mexico; “Tijeras” translates as “scissors”

Kingman, Arizona

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