The Adventure Continues… Winters

This half-hour episode sees Huell visiting the community of Winters in Yolo County for yet another of his many series, this one called California Communities. I’ve passed through Winters via Highway 128 a number of times, on the way to Lake Berryessa, but I must confess I’ve never stopped to really see what the town is all about. It does seem that the residents have put a lot of time and energy into restoring and improving the center of town, making it a place to relax and enjoy life!

Our first episode takes us to the little town of Winters in Northern California to visit their recently restored and rejuvenated historic downtown and to see their pride and joy — their historic railroad trestle bridge right in the middle of town which has been not only restored, but is now a heavily used bike/pedestrian pathway. If our trip to Winters is any indication at all, this is going to be an exciting, educational, and downright inspirational series about our state’s communities.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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