Buried treasure, Part 1

I’ve heard that “unboxing” videos have become very popular lately, so I figure why not follow the trend — putting my own twist on it, of course! Today I’ll be unboxing my own personal time capsule, a container holding several treasures from my childhood — things that I loved and cherished enough to tuck away for safe keeping. This particular box presents no challenge to break into; it’s only a cigar box covered in wallpaper and lined with red felt fabric, and it’s so full that the lid doesn’t close properly. It’s been sitting neglected on a shelf for quite a long time now, so I’ve decided now is the time to open it up and look through my collection to remind myself what it holds.

Almost immediately I can see it’s probably best to separate the contents into a few categories. I have some memories from my very early childhood in the 1960s, some items brought back from Mexico, and a handful of pieces from my later teenage years. So for now, let’s start by going back to the very beginning.

I can’t really remember how or when I came into possession of some of these pieces, but I suspect some of them came from my Grandma, who passed away when I was 10. In either case, they all have deep sentimental value to me although others might see them as mere trinkets.

They’re clearly missing some of the colored stones that decorated them, and their finishes are worn from the many times I handled them as a child — a tiny bird pin, a mouse pendant (complete with tail wrapped around his feet), and a colorful string instrument I always thought of as a banjo, but which I now think more closely resembles a mandolin. Of the three pieces, it alone has no pin or bail to hold a chain, so I have no idea what its purpose was other than to look good!

The next two pieces were much more practical. Winnie the Pooh sat perched on my spoon to encourage my appetite. The sippy cup wasn’t actually in the Treasure Box, but my mom recently discovered it as she was cleaning out a closet; I was so amazed at its good condition that I had to include it here.

The badge from my Smokey the Bear stuffed toy

I’ll keep on digging into the box and see what reminders of my childhood and souvenirs from our trips to Mexico I can find. Stay tuned!

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