Meet the Inspector

It was Thursday morning, and I was packing up to leave my AirBnB near Tomales Bay, running in and out of the house with my bundles and bags. Suddenly I realized I was no longer alone — someone had slipped in through the open door and was casually stalking about, tail in the air, casting an eye over the place as if to ensure I hadn’t done any damage. This was the very first I’d seen of a cat anywhere near the property, but this character acted like he owned the place! Because I was in a hurry to leave (checkout was strictly 10 a.m.), I was a little worried that I’d never manage to coax him back out the door, but he happily followed me out into the back yard and we hung out together for a few minutes. Somehow, I must have passed the inspection, because he had clearly warmed up to me. He didn’t even mind me taking a few pictures with my phone.

That tongue!

I eventually tore myself away from my new friend, still wondering exactly where the Inspector had appeared from and how he managed to time his arrival so perfectly. Thank you, Mr. Inspector, for dropping by to check me out and see me on my way!

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