Two poems

These two poems were given to me by my mom several years ago. I believe she wrote them when I was fairly young — but I don’t know exactly when, and when I asked her about it recently, she couldn’t recall either. I’ve had them stowed safely away in my Treasure Box, waiting for a good time to share them here. Mom, thank you for giving me permission to print these poems; now you can brag about being a published poet! The first poem is untitled but was originally called Sunset.

Near the end of day I stand and gaze
Upon nature’s sunset pageantry.
I love to see the western sky ablaze
Silhouetting every lovely tree.

Whispering so slightly comes a breeze.
Pirouetting leaves now stand apart.
Such loveliness and calm could I but seize
Locking it awayt within my heart.

As I watch, the brightness pales, and then
Creeping shadows gather ’round too soon.
Sadness cloaks my soul, but lifts again
As I behold magnificence: the moon.

The second poem, also untitled, is my favorite, as it seems to speak eloquently for every one of us who has ever lived with a persnickety roommate; read on to see if you agree with me.

He stalked into the house, looked around in disgust
Indignation was there to be seen.
I chided myself for neglecting to dust
Though the house was otherwise clean.

I couldn’t hope now his approval to gain
But I asked myself why do I care?
There always is something he eyes with disdain
And scorns with a critical stare.

My housekeeping isn’t the only sore spot —
Regardless how well he may dine
Do you think he is satisfied? Certainly not!
He also would like to have mine.

How selfish, self centered, and utterly rude!
I boil ‘neath my surface so sweet.
If I could live without him, I’d sure end the feud
And he’d find himself out in the street.

But where would I be if I blew up like that
And refused to forgive him his vice?
Conceited or not, I’ll still baby that cat
‘Cause I’m frightened to tears by those mice!

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