The Adventure Continues… Wind

Wind turbines do come in many different sizes, but one of the most frequent topics about these windmills is how difficult it is to get an accurate sense of their enormous size from the ground. In a later episode of California’s Gold (Windmills, originally aired in October 2021), Huell gets the chance to climb to the top of a windmill and take in the view; if you watched last week’s featured episode, you’ll remember Huell recalled this as probably his most frightening experience! But this week he gets a feel for the size of these mighty blades while staying firmly on the ground. This episode of Visiting originally aired April 15, 1998, and is not to be confused with an entirely different episode of California’s Gold also titled Wind (original air date April 1997). The Palm Springs wind farm is still operating and offers both guided golf cart tours and self-driving tours with curated audio provided.

You’ve seen the giant windmills alongside the road to Palm Springs. Well now you can learn all about them with Huell as he gets a special “Wind Farm Tour” in an electric cart. One of only 6 wind farms in the world, this is a great place to learn about one of mankind’s earliest forms of energy.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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