Presidio walk

It wasn’t yet noon, and after visiting the Lyon Street Steps I found myself in the southeast corner of San Francisco’s Presidio, trying to decide the best way to get back to my hotel. I had already been on my feet a lot that day; and even though I was tired and slightly footsore, I chose to walk the mile and a bit over to Geary Boulevard by way of Pacific and Arguello streets. I wanted to see what I might find along Arguello — a street I had crossed many times while riding the east- or west-bound Number 38 bus. So, after taking some time to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Presidio Golf Club, I set off at a leisurely pace, stopping whenever something interesting caught my eye. Here are some images from the first half of my short journey.

Angels Trumpet

The sharp contrast of gothic black on this house caught my eye, and it was only later I realized this is the rear of a huge mansion at 1 Cherry Street, fronting on Jackson Street.

In the lobby of the Presidio Golf Club

Dome of Congregation Emanu-El, Arguello Boulevard

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