Memory Monday: Shrines and Folk Villages

My ignorance of South Korea is on full display as I go through my current collection of photo albums! In previous posts I’ve talked about the Korean Folk Village located in the suburbs of Seoul; but this week I discovered another such village (and there are doubtless still others, of course), the Oeam Folk Village. This one can be found a bit further south, near the city of Asan-si. The village is more than 500 years old, with stone-paved roads and thatched houses. It’s possible that some of the photos in these photo albums were shot in or around this folk village, but it’s difficult for me to be sure.

South Korean house

Another beautiful and historic spot that’s also in the vicinity of Asan-si is the Hyeonchungsa Shrine, a meticulously developed memorial to Korean hero General Yi Sun-sin. Among other accomplishments, General Yi is known for developing an improved warship during the 16th century, the geobukseon or turtle ship — sometimes described as being the first armored ship in the world. The park includes a memorial museum with model warships, maps, and many other historical items. Even if you forego the shrine itself, it’s possible to wander along the paths and enjoy the traditional architecture as well as the picturesque countryside.

Note the curved-blade tools hanging on the wall in the background

Structure at Hyeonchungsa Shrine

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