The Adventure Continues… Road Trip: Ferndale

I’ve never been to Ferndale but seeing the cows grazing happily in the fields and the first glimpse of the town’s main street at the beginning of this one-hour episode, I was strongly reminded of Mendocino County and the villages of Point Arena and Fort Bragg. Of course Ferndale is famous for its historic buildings — and you may recall the town recently experienced a 6.4 magnitude earthquake (not to mention the aftershocks) and power outages on December 20, with the most severe damage in nearby Rio Dell. This area of the Lost Coast has a long history of surviving earthquake damages going all the way back to the devastating event of April 1906. This episode of Road Trip originally aired in April 2010.

Join Huell and step back in time as he takes a Road Trip to Ferndale – an entire town that officially holds the distinction of being California Historic Landmark #883!

Among the many stops Huell sees some of the beautiful Victorian architecture, gets some refreshment at the westernmost bar in the continental USA, visits a historic pharmacy, a Gingerbread Mansion and meets all the wonderful people who live in the community.

After the Road Trip is over stay tuned for a bonus visit to Clendenen’s Cider Works in Fortuna – home to some of the best fresh squeezed apple cider in the state!

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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  1. I worked catastrophe duty up there after the Earthquake of April 25, 1992. I can confirm the cows are happy and not stressed. The damage was extensive but the people were awesome!

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