Blustery Wednesday

On a bright Mendocino afternoon in between rainstorms we set out to explore another potential fishing spot, this one along Hwy 1 north of Jughandle (near Fort Bragg). The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue — but it was so windy and cold we could barely walk along the cliff top. According to my hiking guide book (mentioned in yesterday’s post), this particular small headland is home to “some of the most natural, undisturbed coastal grasslands habitat” in the area. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to appreciate the plant life as my fingertips were feeling frozen and my eyes and nose were streaming profusely. I did manage to feel grateful that the wind was blowing onshore; otherwise I may have gone scudding right over the edge of the jagged, rocky cliffs.

The Big Guy was looking for a place to dump some fish scraps

Blurring is from the wind knocking my hand about as I snapped the photo

Looking down at one of the pocket beaches with a small waterfall

Retreating back toward our car, parked at the end of Jefferson Way, provided a slight respite from the worst of the gale. Just before I climbed back into the car, I walked a short way up the road to get a better look at a quirky little house that had caught my eye when we arrived. It looked a bit handcrafted, perhaps built onto a tankhouse, and I couldn’t help admiring the rounded tower and the large stained glass window. All in all, I really wouldn’t mind returning to explore this area some day when the wind isn’t in such a wild mood!