Memory Monday: Heart of a fisherman

A stringer of rainbow trout

Although these images all came from the Korea photo albums, some of them feel so very familiar to me after 36 years of living with my own dedicated fisherman. For the same reason, I can make a few observations that might at least partly make up for not knowing the circumstances or the locations where they were shot.

Brothers with their already cleaned catch, ca. 1970s

Spring 1985

The two photos above and below are marked “Sakura Color 100 Long Life,” which to me suggests they may have been shot and/or developed in Korea or Japan. Thus far these are the only pictures in the albums I’ve found with this stamp on the back.

Dated May 1983; I can’t guess the location, but I do know striped bass when I see them!

Another nice catch — and a four-legged fish inspector

Fishing dogs come in many sizes