The Adventure Continues… Ukiah

Back in the 1990s the Big Guy and I briefly considered relocating  from the Sacramento Valley to the area around Clear Lake, and the city of Ukiah (on U.S. 101, about a 30-minute drive from the lake’s north shore) looked to me like an attractive option. We never actually moved, and I never even managed to visit Ukiah — until last week, when I made a quick visit to the Grace Hudson Museum and the Sun House. Sadly, this short excursion didn’t give me the chance to really explore the town, so this week I’m taking a look at Huell’s visit to Ukiah in an hour-long episode of Road Trip that originally aired in February 2004. I really enjoyed my trip to the museum, and I saw many of the wonderful paintings shown in the segment; but, especially after watching this episode, I really do hope for a chance to return and see more of Ukiah!

Join Huell in Mendocino County where he visits Vichy Springs, the Grace Hudson Museum and the City of 10,000 Buddhas.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)