Bee wise

Williams, Arizona

This week, June 19th through 25th, is National Pollinator Week in the U.S., so I’m celebrating by sharing some of my most recent images of insects making themselves right at home in some wildflower blooms. While bees and butterflies are the most easily recognized pollinators, many beetles also play an important role in pollination. I shot most of these photos on our road trip through the southwest, but I’ve also included a couple of local shots, from Sailor Bar along the American River. As always, you can click on images to enlarge them for a closer look.

Bumblebee on Himalayan blackberry flower, Sailor Bar

Grapevine Lake, Texas

Beetle on St. Johns wort, Sailor Bar

Honeybee on Apricot mallow, Grand Canyon National Park

Grapevine Lake, Texas

Bumblebee on Sweet almond verbena, Lake Fork, TX