Small surprises

Even on a trip to an area with beautiful scenic views like Eagle Lake in Lassen County, my favorite photos usually end up showing the small details and tiny creatures that also abound. I probably shot more pictures of butterflies than anything else during my stay! But I had a feeling it would have a good camera trip just as soon as we arrived and I stepped out of the car — I was greeted by a couple of White-headed woodpeckers. I’d never seen this type of bird before, and all I had to do was look up at our house to find one peering down at me from the eaves.

From then on I was nearly tripping over wildlife, even without leaving the small neighborhood where we were staying. I spent a lot of time just walking up and down the gravel streets near the lakeshore, and always finding something to shoot.

Two curious Mule deer fawns

At the end of August, less than a week before we left for Lassen County, I discovered a beautiful White-striped sphinx moth outside our front door. I was a bit sorry that I couldn’t see it flying; but only a few days later I got my wish, at the Spalding Marina on Eagle Lake.

An unusual visitor, August 29

Three fliers

A jaunty fellow — Western fence lizard

I feel very lucky to have captured a shot of this Blue-tailed skink

Downy woodpecker feeding on mullein seeds