Memory Monday: Escape to the coast

Sonoma coast sea fog

Just when I had given up on Memory Monday, I cleaned out my desk and discovered a stack of prints I had completely forgotten about. A bit over 20 years ago, in late July 2003, the Big Guy and I rented a car and drove over to the coast near Fort Ross State Park to stay in our then-favorite little motel, the Fort Ross Lodge (still there, and still a great place). As you can see from the photo below, we were riding in style in a new-ish Volvo; but I think the best part of the story has to do with the patch of dirt on the left of our driveway. We were planning to pour concrete and widen the driveway– a pretty big job, especially in the summer heat. We drove away, knowing this job would be waiting when we returned. But when we arrived home, we found our neighbors had gotten together and finished the job for us. And they did a great job, too!

Even today, whenever I see this billboard at Bodega Tackle in Petaluma I know it’s time to pull over and stock up on fishing supplies. (For the record, all the fish on this trip were safely released after being caught.) The sign has been repainted several times over the years but always with an appropriate marine theme. Usually, though, there are vehicles parked in front of it, blocking the view, so I’m glad I got at least one good shot.

View of Timber Cove

The trails behind the motel lead to cliffs overlooking the ocean; and back in 2003 we were brave enough (and young enough) to climb down through the rocks to the beach. These days I content myself with enjoying the view from up above!

The Big Guy treading carefully, with fishing rod

My efforts at macro shots of the plant life didn’t go so well with a point-and-shoot 35mm film camera, but I did try!

Magenta flowers (possibly checker mallow) in a field of dry grass

Fish on the beach — Rubberlip surfperch

Looking closely, you can see the turquoise markings on body and gill plates

Removing the hook — check out those tiny teeth

Rock greenling

Big-headed Cabezon are rockfish with bright turquoise mouths