Peelings, oh, peelings

My apologies for the punning reference to a song from 1974, but that was pretty much what popped into my head this morning after I spent nearly an hour laboring over my backyard project. I bought this small shed last spring with every intention of assembling it by myself; and I have done most of the work thus far, with only a bit of help from the Big Guy. But it’s been very slow going, so I didn’t mind when he attached a couple of the side pieces, leaving the next steps to me. And I was eager to get going this morning — until I realized that he had overlooked one minor part of the process: the removal of a thin layer of plastic before attaching each section. This is a seriously tedious task, but since I had already peeled the plastic off the corner sections, I felt like I couldn’t ignore it. All right, I don’t mind spending an hour peeling plastic wrap, even though I had hoped to make more visible progress on the structure! Now it’s time to take a lunch break and see if this everlasting project will have to wait for yet another day…

First peel, then attach!

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