Memory Monday: Summer 1990

Outside the aquarium at Marine World; the Dolphin Fountain is still there

Back in the summer of 1990 my family visited (for the first and last time) what was then Marine World/Africa USA in Vallejo, California. There have been lots of changes to the park since then. The place is now known as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and there are more rollercoasters these days than large animals — although some animals do still remain. I’m happy to say the orca are no longer kept in captivity at the park! I don’t recall an awful lot about my visit in 1990, but I do recall that I especially enjoyed the Butterfly Habitat and wished to spend all my time there. Although I didn’t manage to photograph any butterflies, it was a peaceful spot where I could escape the noisy summertime crowds without feeling guilty about the animal habitat! My final photo today shows not Vallejo but at the California State Fair in August 1990, and my image of a colorful jousting demonstration seems to be the only picture I can find from that outing.


Blacktip reef shark (with Blue tang in the background, left)

The Butterfly Habitat remains part of the park today

View from under the waterfall