Tour de France Music Video

I originally wanted to post this video, but was not allowed to — so instead, I give you this:

In other news, progress is being made on my Simple Knitted Bodice; I’ve joined to knit in the round a little higher than called for in the pattern and am now knitting plain stockinette for another couple of inches before beginning the lace insert. New pictures will be forthcoming very soon.

And it seems like everywhere I go I’m spotting Robbie McEwen — well, all right, McEwen lookalikes. First, I noticed a striking resemblance in the actor in USA Network’s show Burn Notice. His name is Jeffrey Donovan, and I swear that when he’s running around or sliding over the hood of a car he looks as if he could be Robbie’s twin brother!

All right, maybe these aren’t the best examples, but hopefully you get the idea.

And then today while I was in the supermarket I noticed a guy a couple of checkout stands over from me. He was tall and was wearing a black tee shirt, shades, and a ball cap . . . and you can believe me or not, but he truly did look like Robbie McEwen. Either that, or the heat and smoke are really getting to me more than I realized.

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