Sometimes ya just gotta step back . . .

. . . and let it go. I’ve been reading a couple of threads on two different knitting forums that have admittedly raised my hackles a bit. I’m not the type to jump into the fray, expound on my opinion, and get into an argument, but I can’t help having some strong feelings about what I’m reading. More about that later on.

On a more positive note, the Tour is now hitting its peak (pun intended) and will soon be winding down! As of today, there’s only 5 more days to go, and the final outcome will most likely be decided even sooner. I haven’t seen Stage 16 yet, but these six-hour broadcasts on the Alpine stages are pretty amazing −− and thank God for videotape! I get up at 3:30 a.m. and turn on the machine, then go back to bed. Then it’s just a matter of staying awake during the playback. That’s not to say the race is putting us to sleep . . . the Big Guy and I are both having sleep issues lately for various reasons.

Part of me wishes Cadel could have held onto the Yellow Jersey all the way to Paris, but Paul and Phil seem to think it’s better this way (he can “live to fight another day”) and I’m inclined to agree. It’s certainly not over yet!

And even though I’m cheering for Cadel, I also can’t help but cheer for Andy Schleck, Denny Menchov, and Christian Vandevelde. Bottom line −− I guess I’ll be happy no matter who wins, since each of these guys is putting his heart and soul into the battle.

My best wishes also go out to poor old Oscar Peirero, who was extremely lucky he wasn’t killed in the fall he took over that guardrail!

Meanwhile, my SKB is also nearing completion — I’ve bound off the bottom hem and finished the neckline (it looks a little rumpled on the right side, but I’m hoping that will even out when I wash it), and now I’m beginning the sleeves. I’ve had a tough time deciding exactly what to do with the sleeves, and it’s still subject to change,but at the moment I’m leaning toward long sleeves with a slight flare at the cuff.

After seeing Major Knitter’s adorable bulldog (Wilma) on her blog today, I realized that I’ve been neglecting my own dogs. I don’t have an English bulldog, but I do have a purebred pit bull, and even though she’s not crazy about having her picture taken she’s the most photogenic of my three dogs. So let me share a photo of Gabby in the midst of one of her favorite activities:

When I started this post I was prepared to rant over a couple of threads I’d seen today, but I’ve thought about it and decided not to go there. I read some things I disagreed with — strongly — and really wanted to state my viewpoint without confrontation. My opinions haven’t changed, but I’ve calmed down a little.

When I come to my knitting forums I’m usually there to have fun and relax; I don’t want to read big debates on important issues. So when I find myself reading through posts with people arguing back and forth, I can get stirred up. But that’s not what this blog is about, so I’ve decided that whatever venting I need to do will be done in my personal journal, not online.

Thanks to the people who have been commenting on my posts! You are all wonderful!

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