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The last few days have been rather hectic, so today I’m just going to toss out a couple of things that have been going on/on my mind lately. I’ve actually got enough blogging material to fill Columbia’s team bus, but some of it will have to wait — although I’m starting to realize it’s better for me to write frequent, short posts rather than occasional, epic ones.

I’m still contemplating one of the heated exchanges I referred to in my last post. It had to do with relationships and how much money we knitters sometimes spend on our hobby. An unfortunate choice of words — meant to be a lighthearted introduction to some beautiful yarn — led to an emotional discussion of abused women, gender expectations, and how finances should be handled in relationships.

I did not participate in the discussion and I don’t intend to debate any of that here, but I feel compelled to share this:

A perfect example of why I never worry too much about showing the Big Guy my yarn stash. He bought this car a couple of days ago; it’s set up for drag racing — which I doubt he’ll ever use it for. It was “too good a deal to pass up” and he has vague ideas of fixing it up to re-sell, since (as you may not be aware) this car has not only nostalgic value but also great monetary value (to a certain segment of the population).

The Big Guy and I have never, in the past 22 years of our relationship, argued about money. He works hard, and when he wants to buy something and can afford it has the cash to pay for it, he buys it. I don’t complain about this, and he doesn’t complain about the yarn I buy. I could say more, but that’s enough for now. Except . . . I know I’m a very lucky woman.

Okay — now on to the Simple Knitted Bodice.

It seemed to me that I flew through the main part of the project, and when I had everything finished but the sleeves I heaved a sigh of relief. I was certain that the sleeves would go even faster and that I’d be done in no time.

Well, it didn’t happen that way; in fact, it was at that point that (as Paul Sherwen might say) I hit the wall. Real life intervened as well as a few silly mistakes on my part, but I still wasn’t terribly worried. I knew that as a Yellow Jersey contender I didn’t really need to finish by Sunday — I just wanted to, really badly.

As I write this, it’s Saturday afternoon, the final Time Trial is over (although I haven’t actually seen it yet, I have it on tape) and here’s where I am with the SKB:

Note that the right sleeve is still unfinished; I still have about 4-5 more inches of stockinette to knit, followed by the trim.  Thanks to the Simple Knitted Bodice, I’ve noticed for the first time in my life how freakishly long my arms are in relation to the rest of my body.

And, may I add, I’m feeling just a little burned out on this project. I never thought it would happen, but I’m tired of working on it, I just want it DONE, and if that’s not possible . . . well, I just might have to set it aside for a day or two and work on something else.

I’m not prepared to completely abandon and climb into the team car — not this close to Paris! I guess I just need to drift to the back of the peloton for awhile and cruise.

Another angle

I’ve got about 20 different ideas for what to knit next, NOT including this . . .

. . . which is just the beginning of a gauge swatch I knit the other day while proofreading the Department of Social Services transcript I’d just finished typing. This is my Jojoland 100% worsted wool; I have enough to make myself a lovely cardigan, although I don’t have a particular pattern in mind right now. I haven’t done anything more with this yet, but I’m just crazy about that shade of red!

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