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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)Ordinary

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I learned to knit as a teenager — just the basics, really.  Using a pair of needles borrowed from Mom and a motley assortment of her leftovers, I knit myself a garter stitch scarf in white, brown, and salmon pink.  Not colors I would have chosen myself, but sometimes you take what you can get!

Having completed my masterpiece, I wore it proudly… a few times.  I started another scarf in colors I liked a little better, but I never finished that project.

DSCN2126Some 30 years later I was browsing through an art supplies catalog, feeling vaguely frustrated at my lack of creativity, when I noticed a small wicker basket for sale.  It held a knitting starter kit: an instruction booklet, a pair of straight wooden needles, and 6 small balls of cheap day-glo acrylic yarn.  I wasn’t too impressed by the materials, but for reasons I’m still not clear on, the basket itself was irresistible!

That was how I finally got back into knitting — much more seriously this time. Nine years later and I’m still addicted to wool.  And that small wicker basket now holds most of my knitting tools.

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