A Snail’s-Eye View, Part 2

What really helped kick off my current obsession with ground-level macro was my discovery of photographer Kim Leuenberger and her completely awesome Traveling Cars Adventures series.  I wanted to put my own spin on her idea, so I took a tiny ’55 Chevy Nomad and a mini 2001 Mini Cooper to the coast with me and played with a couple of locations.  The backdrops were awesome but… I was still trying to get the hang of this.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

After coming home, I made good use of a rainy day on the shores of Lake Natoma; I’m more pleased with how these shots came out.





I’ve found the cars a really fun tool for helping me shift my photographic perspective.  But with or without the cars it’s good to remember — no matter how beautiful the clouds and the sky look, take some time away from admiring the big picture and appreciate some of the amazing stuff going on just under your feet.





Thanks for reading, and a special thanks to those following my blog.  I really appreciate you all!



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