WPC: Spare

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of May 27, 2016.

Spare has many connotations: it can mean one too many, or sparse, or even to release something from harm. I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations! Bonus points to those who tell the story behind their “spare” inspiration.

One of the classic cars taking part in last week’s Pow Wow Days parade was this magnificent 1940 Cadillac two-door coupe four-door sedan.


One of its more notable features, at least to me, was the spare tire on both the left and the right front fenders.


This driver should have no need to call in at the Tire Experts as he goes cruising down the road!



  1. That is one sweet machine! I marvel at those classic cars and all the time and effort (and $$) that is put into them to make them spiffy. Nice images.


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