Mexico Monday, Week 5


“God is love”

Visiting small churches in isolated villages and various neighborhoods, or colonias, in the larger towns and cities was a big part of our summer trips to Mexico.


Singing with the group — I’m standing front and center; my mom is on the left, with my dad directly behind her

There were always lots of curious children…


Sharing a story with the kids


They especially loved singing songs


Singing again!

The people we met were always incredibly kind and eager to share whatever they had with us — even when they had very little, compared to what we were used to at home.



It was intensely humbling, and I learned quite a lot about  what a person needs — and doesn’t need — to be happy in life.


Chocolate napping outside the Lemon Factory

One of my favorite memories is a place in Guadalajara.  The pastor and his wife lived next to their small chapel, and the yard was dominated by a huge lemon tree, so we called it the Lemon Factory.  Their friendly Labrador could nearly always be found snoozing with his feet braced against the wall.


Gathered outside the chapel


That’s me, peeking out from the doorway of the chapel in Guadalajara

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