Mexico Monday, Week 7


Guadalajara, 1970

One of our very favorite places to visit was the giant market in the middle of the beautiful city of Guadalajara.  I knew it as the Mercado Libertad (Liberty Market), and it’s also called the Mercado San Juan de Dios.

I could have spent weeks browsing everything on offer in the mercado; it is the largest indoor market in Latin America.  It opened in 1958, and it’s still going strong today.


“Window” shopping in 1971


I was the only 10-year-old in my school with an embroidered wool cape made in Mexico

There were always lines of horse-drawn carriages waiting on the street to offer rides to the tourists.



Christmas 1973

The vendors were usually prepared to haggle on the prices.  I sometimes had a difficult time playing that game — I was a kid, and when I saw something I wanted, I got excited!



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