In the Garden of Fragrance


Hollyhocks — one of the few flowers I can actually identify

I had already spent most of afternoon wandering through the San Francisco Botanical Garden, taking pictures of nearly everything I saw.  When I noticed the sign saying ‘Garden of Fragrance,’ I was tempted to pass it by — “Oh, it’s just a bunch of flowers.”


Don’t get me wrong!  I like flowers, and I can even tell you the names of a few of them.  It’s only been within the last year that I discovered how much fun it is to photograph the really colorful blooms I encounter on my hikes around my neighborhood.

But on this day I was warm, my feet were pretty tired and sore — I’d already spent the morning exploring the Japanese Tea Garden and the California Academy of Sciences — and it was almost time for me to call for a Lyft back to my hotel.

Then again, when would I get another chance to visit this amazing place?  I turned and retraced my steps and entered the Garden of Fragrance.  And it really was beautiful!







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