Rearranging the furniture

The house I grew up in (and lived in all my life until I was 25) had a fairly spacious living room.  About once each year my mom would rearrange the furniture — shift the couch to the opposite wall, shove the Hi-Fi into the corner — just for fun, and for the sake of change.  I loved it when we changed the room; for me, it was almost like living in a different house!

These days I live in a much smaller house, with a hodge-podge collection of furniture. We’ve barely done any rearranging here for the past 30 years.


This is not my house  (Photo source:

I’ve been blogging on a regular basis for the past 10 months, and I’ve decided it’s time to rearrange the furniture a bit on my blog.  I’ve now got my very own domain,, and I have upgraded to a WordPress Premium plan — because my image files have really begun to pile up!

I was never all that happy with my white-on-grey color scheme; so I think I’d like a fresh look, with a theme that allows me plenty of space to display my photos.  I’ve been using the 2016 theme.  It’s a great theme, but it’s fun to rearrange the furniture once in a while, right?

Here’s the theme I’m considering switching over to:  Misty Lake Theme.

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share with me about blog changes (mine, yours, or just blogs in general), I’d love to hear them!

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