Folsom’s Orchestra mural

Some mornings when I’m out for my hike, I’ll walk over to Sutter Street in Folsom and pass by Clouds Porcelain.  Every time I do, I can’t help admiring the mural situated opposite the door of their shop/studio. At first glance, I took it for a mosaic; but in fact, it’s not made of small individual pieces.  I finally got curious enough to phone the shop and ask about the mural.

One of the owners, Penny Cloud, very kindly shared with me it had originally been located in the yard of a house in Sacramento; when the homeowners relocated to the East Coast, they offered the mural to the owners of the pottery shop.  It was carefully transported to its new site and permanently welded into place, and there it now sits outside of Clouds Porcelain — their gift to the Folsom public.


The artist, Phil Schuster, currently works with the Chicago Public Art Group.  He obtained a master’s degree in ceramics at California State University back in 1977, and he’s been creating public art installations for a number of companies and arts education organizations ever since, stretching from New York to Adelaide, Australia.  A 1997 article in the Chicago Reader noted that he has outdoor sculptures “scattered throughout the city.”  A quick Google search gives a good idea of his style and versatility.


I haven’t yet found the Folsom mural among the online images — it would have been one of the artist’s earlier works, created while he was living and studying in Sacramento.  I feel very lucky just knowing it’s over there on Historic Sutter Street where I can walk on by and enjoy it any time I want.


And thanks to Clouds Porcelain for sharing it, as well as taking the time to answer my questions!

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