The Adventure Continues… Mudpots

Up until now I’ve been trying to follow the chronological order of the original PBS series; but for this week I decided to skip ahead a little.  I happened to catch this episode a few days ago, and I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t wait to share it with you.  Perhaps it will brighten your day just a little bit.

In this muddy adventure, Huell travels to some very remote areas to take an up close and personal look at “mudpots”.  Mudpots only occur three places in the US and one of them is right here in California. Our first stop is the Imperial Wildlife Area. Huell and a member of the Fish and Game take a look at huge mounds of bubbling, oozing, popping and exploding mudpots. …Next its off to some privately owned land which has some extraordinary mudpots. Photographer Jack Hobart has made some amazing images with still and video cameras over the years at this secret spot which he shares with Huell.

There’s just no mistaking the enjoyment Huell Howser took in his work, especially in this episode of California’s Gold, first aired in 2000.  Mr. Hobart’s unique images combined with Huell’s delight and excitement over these bubbling mudpots makes this one of my favorite episodes.  I hope you enjoy it too!

(NEW: You can now click the linked image below to view the video!)


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