The Living Roof

The theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Roofs.

This week the topic is Roofs.  Most building have some sort of roof to it.  I want to see roofs from any angle.  If you can get a photo from above the could be awesome.  Parts of roofs from the ground is great too.  Roofs from dilapidated buildings can have a lot of holes and are full of character.  Any roof as long as it is your main subject of your photo.

The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has something I’d never seen before — they call it a Living Roof.  It contains 2.5 acres of native California plants.



Inside the building, the Living Roof is most visible from the Rainforest exhibit.  The circular windows in the roof open directly over the Rainforest, providing radiant natural light to the dynamic habitat.



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