WPC: New Horizon

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of December 9, 2016.

This week, we’re challenging you to think ahead and show your work in a representative photo. If you set New Year’s resolutions, give them some thought a few weeks early. If resolutions aren’t your style, show us something that you want to achieve — it could be setting a new goal, making plans, or even tackling that pile of laundry waiting by the washer. The goal is to get out of the busy “now,” and imagine your new horizon.


Traveling away from home is something I used to do fairly frequently when I was younger, mostly with my parents.  We went to Mexico several times, to the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California (an 8-hour drive by car) to visit relatives, and through Oregon and Washington State on two separate trips to British Columbia, Canada.

But as I got older my world narrowed until a few years ago I was barely leaving the house at all.  There were a number of reasons for this; but mostly it was just a bad habit that I let get out of control.  My home felt much safer and more secure than anywhere else, so why should I ever want to leave it?

I finally started to reverse the process in the past couple of years.  I’m no world traveler by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve found fun and adventure in two solo trips to San Francisco and now a full week away from home visiting Riverside, California, with my mom.  I’ve seen some amazing and some beautiful sights that I would have missed had I chosen to stay in my own “safe” little world.


Park map




Sumatran tiger


From the cactus garden

Before long, I’ll be flying to Dallas, Texas, to spend Christmas with another part of my family, and I’m actually beginning to look forward to the trip, rather than dreading it.

I know my progress is very tiny compared to those who routinely explore the globe, but I’m proud of myself for stretching my horizons and going beyond my comfort zone.


    • As an amateur photographer (and now blogger), one of my main motivations for getting out there has been the search for new things and new places to shoot, and more interesting images to share with others. In that sense, blogging has been good for me.

      You’ve been sharing such beautiful pictures on your blog, it seems you live in a gorgeous part of the world — and one I haven’t seen nearly enough of. I can see how it might be less tempting to leave home when you have such natural beauty all around you. 🙂

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