Memory Monday, Week 4

I’m a little bit late posting this week due to arriving home from my trip yesterday and having to do 4 loads of laundry while fighting with a sewer line blockage.  I also had to run over to my mom’s and retrieve the bag I accidentally left in her car last night; it contained my wallet and ID, plus a few other items that are completely unimportant… until that moment when you need them.  Fun!!

But never mind all that —  it’s off to Yosemite this week!

I’d be willing to bet that the highway between Modesto and Yosemite has changed quite a lot since 1951.  Luckily, the accident in the photos doesn’t look too serious; although it probably held up traffic for awhile.




Yosemite Falls


El Capitan

California mule deer:


Next week, more scenes from Yosemite… and beyond!


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