The Adventure Continues… Ships

Huell meets a local artisan in Trinidad Bay who transforms redwood logs into beautiful canoes; then discovers a little-known landmark, the S.S. Palo Alto, a ship made entirely of concrete, docked at the Seacliff Beach pier in Aptos, and sails on the last remaining lightship in a line of floating lighthouses that once marked the entrance to the ship channel leading to San Francisco Bay.

California history is loaded with ships of all sorts, from the wooden sailing ships that came around Cape Horn during the California Gold Rush to the Liberty and Victory ships built at the Kaiser shipyards in Oakland during World War 2.

But this week’s episode introduced me to three vessels I had never heard of, including the canoes created by a Yurok elder in the traditional way, handed down over generations. (Watch out for a pair of horses trying to steal the show in the background during this segment!)

(Click the linked image below to see the video.)

You can find more information about Yurok culture here; and learn more about the light ship Relief here.

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