Memory Monday, Week 22


This week I thought I’d feature a few faces rather than just places. I’ll start back in 1959, on the trip my parents and two older sisters took through South Dakota (I previously posted about that trip here), and a couple of very special photo opportunities with the locals at Mt. Rushmore and Hill City.




The start of a promising (and still continuing) relationship with the accordian


I’m sitting on our back patio, 1962

I have some great memories of driving to the San Francisco Bay Area every Christmas for a visit with my dad’s sister and her family — including Felix the Cat, seen here barely contained by my cousin Bill (the expression on Bill’s face reflects his personality perfectly). Sitting in the chair is my dad’s father, whom I sincerely wish I’d had a chance to get to know better. He was born in Mexico, and he spoke very little English, so much of his life is still a mystery to me, although we always enjoyed playing in his garden on our holiday visits.



We visited again after my ‘graduation’ from 8th grade in 1975

Below are my dad’s brother and sister, along with her husband (standing in the back) and my cousin Bill on one of the visits they paid to us. As the years went by, we saw each other more seldom, but it’s always a wonderful thing to reunite with family and share memories. Since then, both my dad and my cousin have passed on. I miss them both very much, so these pictures mean a lot to me. I like the candid shot — and of course it’s great to see everyone looking so happy!


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