Luck Be A Lady(bug)


What do you suppose it is about the Coccinellidae that makes us smile rather than cringe when we see one? They are beetles, like so many other insects, and they can sometimes be a pest and have even been known to bite humans (although rarely, I suspect).

Still, just about everyone can recognize the red ladybug beetle with black spots, and we’re delighted to have one alight on us. There’s not too many bugs who enjoy such privileges!

Many cultures consider coccinellids lucky and have nursery rhymes or local names for the insects that reflect this. For instance, the Turkish name for the insect is uğur böceği, literally meaning “good luck bug”. In many countries, including Russia, Turkey, and Italy, the sight of a coccinellid is either a call to make a wish or a sign that a wish will soon be granted — Wikipedia


My lucky day! This ladybug was sitting by my front door

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