Memory Monday, Week 33


Back before The Big Guy was able to afford a fishing boat, we did an awful lot of fishing from the shore. There was frequently a fair bit of hiking to get to the water from wherever we’d left the car, and then of course we had to hunt around for the “right” spot to find the fish. Our dogs were only too happy to tag along with us — most of the time. If the weather was cold and rainy, though, they were sometimes unsure if the whole thing was actually fun or not.

Phoebe and Zack in the back of my VW Beetle, somewhere in the Sacramento Delta:




The dogs did love any outing to New York Creek on Folsom Lake — it was a guaranteed hike of at least two miles, and lots of interesting things to see along the way.



Phoebe’s idea of heaven was basking in the sun. Of course if the sun ever felt too warm, there was always a good place to cool off; although neither of them liked to swim, they didn’t mind getting their feet wet… and sometimes a bit more! I’m only sorry I don’t have photos of the time Phoebe decided the best way to lower her body temperature was to take a nice big roll in the mud.





Zack at Coleman Beach, Sonoma Coast State Park:


A pond near Rocklin, California:


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