There’s a bathroom on the right


Floating outhouse at Lake Natoma

The theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Bathrooms or Outhouses.

Some fancy hotels and restaurants can have the most beautiful bathrooms.  Go see what interesting things you can come up with in your own bathroom, any bathroom or bathroom fixture.  See how creative you can get on this challenge.


The entrance to Folsom History Museum’s restrooms are behind this jail door

My hotel room in San Francisco:

Just like in the old days, I waited until the very last minute to do my homework this week… partly because I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of bathrooms! But as I sifted through my archives it occurred to me I’ve seen more than a few intriguing bathrooms, and most of the time I came up with reasons to keep my camera in my pocket. There was the unusual (to me) public toilet at Fisherman’s Wharf; the historic washroom on the Jeremiah O’Brien; and even the restroom with a big sliding door on the Amtrak train. Hopefully after this challenge I won’t be quite so reluctant to use my camera when a remarkable bathroom catches my eye!



Just in case you wondered — my title is a reference to a misheard lyric (also called a mondegreen) of a Creedence Clearwater  Revival song, “Bad Moon Rising.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist!


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