D is for…


Dish — I found this sitting on the Natoma Crossing bridge

The theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Letter D – 4 letters words that start with D.

You can always use adjectives and adverbs with a specific topic just make sure you give us the word that fits the requirements of this challenge.  Feel free to use your native language as your inspiration for this challenge, just please give us the word in your language and the english translation.


Deck of the square-rigger Balclutha, San Francisco


Dent — aftermath of a collision in downtown Sacramento


Dust — the trail to the fishing spot, American River


Dome — San Francisco city hall



    • No, thankfully it’s not my dent! I just happened to be standing on the street when two cars collided — no serious injuries, but still scary.

    • Thanks! And I would have missed it completely if I hadn’t taken a VERY crowded bus and then overshot my stop by three blocks. 😊

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