Odds and Ends


Since starting my little dogwalking gig, I haven’t found as much time to go out hiking and looking for things to shoot. My big new Canon has taken a temporary backseat to the palm-size Fujifilm and occasionally my camera phone. And there are days I’m not feeling especially inspired by anything I see, or I can’t seem to spare a minute to stop and photograph it.


Office park driveway


Fence decor

It’s a challenge, but if I can just manage to keep my eyes open and have a camera at hand, chances are something will catch my interest or spark my curiosity… whether it’s a piece of sheet music lying in the street, a beautiful flower, or a classic car parked in someone’s driveway.



Glitter in the grass

I hope to get back out there with my Canon before much longer, but until then I’m going to be shooting on the run around the neighborhood and looking out for intriguing odds and ends.



Christmas lights

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