Memory Monday, Week 57


The U-505 is still on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

My last bunch of slides from the 1950s were in a box labeled “San Diego, 1959” — but it turns out they’re actually images from Chicago, possibly part of the 1957 trip. This bit of information certainly helped clear up my confusion about what a Second World War German U-boat was doing in San Diego’s harbor!



Driving along the shore of Lake Michigan


Below, these three decomissioned aircraft were most likely on display at Chanute Air Force Base near Chicago. As an aircraft mechanic who served in the Korean War, my dad was always quick to spot and identify planes, and he certainly would have been familiar with these Air Force veterans. I’m sure he would have plenty to tell me about each one of them if only he were still around for me to ask. Instead, I’ve resorted to Google… and my treasured 1959 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia, Volume A. I knew there was a good reason to hang onto this set!


I think this is a Convair B-36 “Peacemaker” strategic bomber


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