Here’s that rainy (or cloudy) day


My favorite shot — I was standing on tiptoe and shooting blind

Unlike the East Coast of the US, this week in California we’ve had sun, clouds, and a little bit of rain — actually very mild weather for January. I’m always a little happy to see grey weather since it’s better for photography — and these flowers are a good example of that.

My neighbor’s pink and yellow/orange roses are completely irresistible, but they tend to grow high up along the street corner so I get mixed results photographing them. It definitely helps not having  full sun as well.

DSCF8036Salvia microphylla

I’ve been trying to capture these miniature Salvia microphylla blooms literally for months, usually as the dog is intent on rushing past them down the street. Still not the greatest images, but one of these days I’ll succeed.


These gorgeous roses are such a brilliant pink, I needed to catch them on a rainy day, otherwise my camera’s sensor would only produce a blown-out image. Sometimes I really love those rainy (or cloudy) days!


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