House of sand and fog


Whenever we travel to the coast, while I’m hunting for good photography subjects the Big Guy searches for the perfect fishing spot. Luckily, our goals usually mesh pretty well. During our Christmas week trip to the area around Salt Point State Park, each of us had our disappointments but in the end were rewarded for not giving up.



I had a whole bunch of great shots that I took at this spot on sunny Wednesday afternoon… then accidentally (stupidly) deleted them from both my camera and my computer — please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this!


That’s not fog; I just needed to wipe the spray off my lens

When I had eventually recovered from my loss, at least somewhat, we went back to the same rocky point the next afternoon. But on Thursday, instead of a beautiful sky-blue sunny day we had fog, so the spot looked completely different. Maybe it was better, in some ways; at least that’s what I’m telling myself, since it still smarts when I think of all those images I deleted.


View to the north on Wednesday…


… and again on Thursday



Grey and white


Big rocks  along the trail back to the car


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