In the pines


Pinus muricata (Bishop pine)

The trees along California’s north coast are beautiful… but you don’t normally find too many fish hiding in them.

We were actually looking for access to the shore, which in this area means a rocky point where it’s relatively safe to stand, or maybe a small beach we might be able to climb down to without breaking our necks. There are also several Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along this part of the coast, so it pays to take a few minutes and figure out where the boundaries are.


The Big Guy would like to find a great fishing spot that’s legal, reasonably easy to get to… and undiscovered by anyone else so he has the place all to himself.


It didn’t take him too long to decide this was not the place he was looking for and we’d better try our luck elsewhere. Hopefully we’ll make it back here and explore this trail further when the Big Guy isn’t in fish-or-die mode.



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